Installing SharePoint Enterprise 2010 – Farm

My next installation of SharePoint 2010 will be the Enterprise version and consist of several servers in a farm.  For redundancy I will be using an SQL cluster as opposed to a single local installation.

The installation procedure is similar to that of the Foundation version.  Various components are required before SharePoint can be installed, as shown in the screenshot below.  At this point I need internet connectivity to download the components.


Installation of the pre-requisites took around 10 minutes including a reboot at the end.  After the reboot I can begin to install SharePoint itself.

Again, the setup procedure is the same as installing Foundation but this time, after entering the license key and accepting the agreement, I’m choosing the Server Farm option.  I am also choosing a complete installation as opposed to stand-alone.


There is nothing else to configure at this stage and SharePoint is now being installed.

Next I run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard.  This differs from the setup process for SharePoint Foundation as I’ll be asked various questions about how I want my farm configured and the details of my database servers.

So, when prompted I choose to create a new server farm, as this is the first server I’m setting up.  I’m then asked to provide the Database server details and logon credentials.  I’ll be using my SQL Service Account that exists in Active Directory.

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