SharePoint Storage Metrics returns in Service Pack 1

Users of SharePoint 2007 will have noticed that Microsoft had removed the Storage Management page when SharePoint 2010 was released.  Well, the good news is this has made a return in Service Pack 1 with a new look, showing the top 100 largest files or containers across a site collection.

I get to the Storage Metrics page by selecting Site Actions –> Site Settings and then choosing Storage  Metrics under the Site Collection heading.  But, before being able to use the new Storage Metrics feature I had to upgrade my content database.  The error message reads: “Content database needs to be upgraded to support this operation”.


I wasn’t entirely sure how to upgrade the content database, as I’d not done this before and drew a blank with Google, so after a bit of investigation on the server I discovered it took a few minutes using the following command:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web ServerExtensions\14\bin\psconfig.exe –cmd upgrade

Now I am able to return to the Storage Metrics page and see how much space each folder or library is using:


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