Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer

While setting up an automated process on a Windows 2008 server to drop some files directly to a SharePoint library I encountered this error message: "Windows cannot access \\intranet\reports\daily"


I then tried to browse to the library and click the Open with Explorer button.  This too generated an error message: "Your client does not support opening this list with Windows explorer"


I wasn’t sure why this happened as it works perfectly on my Windows 7 workstation – I assumed it may have been some IE security settings.  But, after a bit of investigation, I discovered that I need to install the Desktop Experience feature on the Windows 2008  server (the one trying to access the document library, not the SharePoint server).  This only took a few minutes, and here’s how:

1. Launch Server Manager

2. Select Features and click Add Feature

3. Select the Desktop Experience item

4. When prompted, click Add Required Features to also install the Ink and Handwriting services


5. Click Next to begin installation


6. Click Finish when installation is complete.

7. Close Server Manager and restart the server

The required components are now installed and I can browse to my SharePoint library using Windows Explorer.

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