PowerShell script to export all sites in a site collection to a seperate file

I have a requirement to export all sites with in site collection to a separate backup file.  With lots of sub-sites I thought the best way to do this would be with a PowerShell script that utilises the Export-SPWeb command.  So I wrote one!  Here is the script:


 SharePoint 2010 PowerShell script to export
 all sites within a given Site Collection to
 a separate file.

 File        : ExportSites.PS1
 Author      : David Webb
 Date        : 01/10/2013
 Version     : 1.0

 Revision history:
 1.0 Initial version


 # -------------
 # Set variables
 # -------------

$SiteCollection = "http://intranet"
$sites = Get-SPWeb -Site $SiteCollection -Limit All
$ExportFolder = "D:\Exports\"

 # ------------
 # Begin export
 # ------------

ForEach ($site In $sites)
$ExportFile = $ExportFolder + $site.Title + ".cmp"
 Write-Host "Exporting" $site.title "-" $site.url
 Export-SPWeb $site.url -Path $ExportFile -IncludeVersions All -IncludeUserSecurity -Force
 Write-Host "Export to" $ExportFile " complete.  File is" (Get-Item $ExportFile).length "bytes." -ForegroundColor "Green"

And here is a screenshot of the output, colour coded to make it easier to read:


Feel free to copy the code and use the script as you see fit (at your own risk of course, I can not and will not take responsibility for any undesired outcome).  You may wish to add additional parameters to the Export-SPWeb command such as UseSQLSnapshot, or NoLogFile

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