AutoSPInstaller – Warning: Couldn’t create remote session to SERVERNAME; trying again

I’ve now used AutoSPInstaller to build multi-server farms several times, and often come across new issues (not the fault of AutoSPInstaller, I should add).  Today the script has got stuck in a loop when trying to provision the User Profile Service on a remote Windows 2012R2 server:

– Creating User Profile Service Applicaton…
– Enabling remoting to <servername>
– Creating temporary "remote" session to <servername>…
WARNING: Couldn’t create remote session to <servername>; trying again…

Other people have suggested the following, but none of them resolved the issue for me:

  • Run ‘Enable-PSRemoting -SkipNetworkProfileCheck -Force’ on the remote servers
  • Run ‘Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\client\trustedhosts * -Force

I have so far found no solution to this, other than to run AutoSPInstaller on the remote computer then quickly end it before it attempts to connect to other remote servers. Other suggestions welcome!

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