SharePoint 2013 – Request an upgrade evaluation site collection

If you have a site collection that is in SharePoint 2010 mode you can create a temporary upgrade evaluation site collection using the Request-SPUpgradeEvaluationSite cmdlet.  Here is an example of how this would look:

Request-SPUpgradeEvaluationSite -Identity http://portal.lab.local/sites/sp2010site

By default the timer job to create evaluation sites runs daily at 01:00 so I’ll kick it off manually using the Get-SPTimerJob and Start-SPTimerJob cmdlets:

Get-SPTimerJob job-create-upgrade-eval-sites | Start-SPTimerJob

I can see the request in the queue using the Get-SPSiteUpgradeSessionInfo cmdlet:

Get-SPSiteUpgradeSessionInfo –ContentDatabase <contentDBname> -ShowInProgress –ShowCompleted –ShowFailed


Once created I can view the evaluation site by appending “-eval” to the original URL (so http://portal.labl.local/sites/sp2010site becomes http://portal.labl.local/sites/sp2010site-eval):


Once the evaluation site has been reviewed it can be upgraded for real using the Upgrade-SPSite cmdlet:

Upgrade-SPSite http://portal.lab.local/sites/sp2010site –VersionUpgrade

Note: The timer job that deletes the temporary upgrade evaluation site collections runs daily at 01:00

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