Using the Central Administration

Once SharePoint is installed it can be configured and managed using the Central Administration.  There will be a shortcut to this in the Start Menu on the server but, as it is web based, can be accessed anywhere on the network using a browser.  As it is configured to listen on a random port I’ll run it on the server first to find out what port to use.

When logged in I’m presented with the following options:


After installation there are lots of things to configure.  These are the most important for my setup:

  • Diagnostic logging
  • Regional settings
  • Email settings
  • Alternate Access Mappings
  • Site permissions
  • Search scopes

Note: when allowing access to the Central Administration remotely it is important to consider the following security arrangements:

  1. Use a non-standard TCP port to make it harder for malicious users to guess the URL of the site
  2. Restrict access by IP address or range
  3. Configure the server to require secure connections in IIS
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