Backup a service application using PowerShell

If you are making changes to a service application and need to take a backup beforehand this can be done quickly using the Backup-SPFarm cmdlet.  Here is an example of how to backup the Managed Metadata service application and proxy:

Backup-SPFarm -Directory “\\WW-SP\Backups\Service_Applications” -BackupMethod Full -Item “Farm\Shared Services\Shared Services Applications\Managed Metadata Service” -Verbose

Backup-SPFarm -Directory “\\WW-SP\Backups\Service_Applications” -BackupMethod Full -Item “Farm\Shared Services\Shared Services Proxies\Managed Metadata Service” -Verbose


Note: Using “Backup-SPFarm -ShowTree” will display the list of items you can backup in the farm

To restore the service application use the Restore-SPFarm cmdlet.

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