Show the SharePoint document version inside a Word document

If versioning is enabled on a document library it is possible to show the SharePoint document version inside a Word document (rather than maintain the version inside the Word document manually).  It involves configuring a label in the Document Library settings and then inserting this into a Word document.  Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the document library and click Library Settings on the Library ribbon
  2. Click Information management policy settings
  3. From the list of content type policies click Document
  4. Tick the box to Enable Labels.  In the Label format box enter the following text, configure the font size as required and click OK.

    Version: {Version} \


  5. Open or create a Word document inside the Document Library
  6. From the Insert ribbon click Quick Parts, select Document Property and then Label


  7. Save and close the document.

Next time the document is opened the “{_UIVersionString}” variable will be replaced with SharePoint’s version number.

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