Drives are running out of free space

The SharePoint Health Analyzer has been warning me for some time that my drives are running out of free space so now I need to do something about it.  Here is a screenshot of the error:


This one is easy enough for me to resolve as all of my SharePoint servers are virtual.  To fix this, I simply powered down the server, increased the size of the virtual disk using VMware vSphere Client and then powering up the server again.


Windows 2008 disk management allows you to easily resize the disk on the fly, so this is what I did next.  The server now has plenty of free disk space.

I guess I’m lucky that my servers are virtual.  When this warning is generated on physical servers the only options are to replace the disk with a bigger one, do a bit of housekeeping and remove unwanted files or transfer the database to another disk or server.

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