Error when creating a new User Profile Connection to Active Directory

I’ve been trying to create a new User Profile Connection to Active Directory for User Profile Synchronisation but it keeps failing with the following error message:

Error: No dsml attribute matching mvAttribute value


I’ve tried to troubleshoot this by restarting the User Profile Service Application, restarting the ForeFront Identity Manager and ForeFront Identity Manager Synchronization Service services.  Upon doing so I noted the following error appearing in the Windows Application Event Log:


With basic SQL troubleshooting I was able to determine that the services were started and I could log in to SQL Management Studio to see the databases.  There were no SQL specific errors in the event log so I decided it probably wasn’t an SQL issue.

After looking through the SharePoint logs, and turning up nothing useful, I decided to remove and recreate the connection – this time it worked perfectly.  I haven’t managed to figure out what went wrong first time.

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