Creating a SQL Maintenance Plan to backup SharePoint content databases

In addition to regular SharePoint backups I have decided to create a SQL Maintenance Plan to backup the content database to a file each night.  This will enable me to quickly and easily restore the database directly in SQL should I need to, in a disaster recovery situation for example.  Here are the steps I took to create the plan:

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio

2. Expand Management, right-click Maintenance Plans and select Maintenance Plan Wizard

3. At the welcome screen click Next

4. Enter a meaningful name and description for the plan. Click Change to setup the schedule and configure it as required. Click OK


5. Click Next

6. From the list of available tasks select Back Up Database (Full) and click Next


7. Click Next

8. Select the database(s) to backup and configure the backup file as required. Click Next


9. I do not require a report so will deselect the options for this. Click Next


10. Click Finish


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