SharePoint Foundation Search Event ID 70

I have been tasked with investigating an error that is being logged in the Application event log on a SharePoint server recently upgraded to SharePoint 2010 ServicePack 1.  The error is logged as follows:

The mount operation for the gatherer application <application id> has failed because the schema version of the search administration database is less than the minimum backwards compatibility schema version supported for this gatherer application.  The database might not have been upgraded.

I checked to see if the database had been upgraded by running the following PowerShell command:

(get-spserver $env:computername).NeedsUpgrade

As the upgrade to Service Pack 1 is a two-step process it is my assumption that the first part of running the installer had been completed (this only upgraded the binaries) but the second part of upgrading the database had not.

The database has now been upgraded by running the following command in an elevated command prompt:

psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures

The errors are no longer being logged in the event log.

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