Export-SPWeb error – there is not enough space on the disk

I am exporting a document library from a SharePoint 2013 site using the Export-SPWeb PowerShell cmdlet but after a few minutes it generates the following error:

Export-SPWeb : There is not enough space on the disk.

The document library is about 100GB in size and there is over 300GB free on the destination disk, so this didn’t make much sense.  While troubleshooting I noticed that the disk space on the C: drive had filled up which led me to discover that the export was using the temp folder in my user profile to store the extracted files before packaging them up and storing them in the specified location.

To fix this I simply changed the TMP and TEMP environment variables to use the bigger drive instead of the C: drive.  After logging off and on again (to apply the change) I was able to run the export as originally planned.

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