SharePoint 2013 – create a new eDiscovery Centre

An eDiscovery site can be used to search for, preserve and export content in SharePoint, Exchange or Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync).

To create a new site collection for eDiscovery just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Central Administration
  2. Under the Application Management section click Create site collections
  3. Select the desired Web Application, enter a title, description and URL, select the eDiscovery Center template from the Enterprise tab, specify at least one Site Collection Administrator, and select a quota template if required.
  4. Click OK


  5. Once the site collection is created click OK again or click the link to access the new site collection


Alternatively, to create a Host Named Site Collection (HNSC) using PowerShell, use the New-SPSite cmdlet and specify the EDISC#0 template:

New-SPSite -URL “https://ediscovery.lab.local” -HostHeaderWebApplication “https://portal.lab.local” -Name “eDiscovery Centre” -Description “LAB eDiscovery Centre” -Template “EDISC#0” -OwnerAlias “LAB\Administrator” -Language 1033


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